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Services & Offerings

We offer a number of scalable solutions to the challenges faced by the modern enterprise

CIO As A Service

We help entities grow their businesses by taking highly qualified groups of individuals and equip them with tools that allow them to make decisions quickly.

World Class Build Teams

We offer highly scalable and agile product teams on demand. Our software development experts will design and scale your vision in the best way possible


Our clients enjoy ICASA approved access to the prized 28GHz spectrum band at the core of 5G and with capacity speeds of above 1Gbps in all metro areas.

IT Investment Co-Ordination

We work with World-Class Legal and Finance Professionals to help bold entities make sizable and sustainable investments in IT.

Cloud Solutions

Using a network of purpose-built and highly scalable carriers-neutral colocation data centres, we help our clients transition from limited on-premise solutions secure, sustainable and compliant private or public cloud services designed to enhance digital growth and innovation.

Project Consultancy

We have experience in service delivery management and take max responsibility for ensuring IT vendors deliver.

Other Services Include

Technical Support
We deploy knowledgeable, quick-thinking and
decisive remote or onsite technical resources
(SLA based) to support the most progressive
client. We make firm commitments about availability and service up-time to ensure minimum disruption and maximum growth.
Penetration Testing and Security Consulting
Being a developing country connected to the
world brings with it some very complicated challenges. Our resources can be deployed to
generate and continuously maintain a standard of security resilience across the client’s office-based and remote workforce.
Continuous Insight Generation
We combine our access to expertise across a
a multitude of industries to develop custom and relevant solutions which aggregate all operational data and generates tangible as well as useful insights helping decision-makers make decisions based on logic.
Bespoke Hardware
We have built a network of high capacity and
high-performance Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEMs) across the sub-Saharan
region to develop truly custom products which
exceed particular use case requirements in
industries such as mining, farming and
inclusive fintech.
Modern Collaboration Spaces
We take advantage of having access to
technical partners and suppliers who are
pioneering the case for truly immersive and
digitized collaboration environments in Africa
and beyond to develop meeting spaces which
make work exciting.
CIO as a Service
By taking a highly qualified and world-class
group of individuals and giving them the tools
to collaborate and make decisions quickly, we
allow ambitious entities to grow their
businesses without learning tough and
expensive lessons.


Our ideal client is the entity that seeks to be in front of significant changes in the technology world which affect them.

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